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Thanksgiving Tips Part 2

When it come to feeding for you family or friends for Thanksgiving you have to think like a chef and set yourself up for success. Here’s how:

  1. Create and plan out the menu for start to finish.
  2. Write a simple prep sheet and list out the cooking equipment you will need to make the meal.
  3. On the prep sheet, list the dishes in the order of the meal, starting with the appetizers, salads, proteins, sides and desserts, in that order.
  4. Once this is done, gather all of your recipes needed for this planned out prep sheet.
  5. Next, write down what day, leading up to the meal, you want to prep each item. Remember to plan this with the thought of the sensitive items should be left to the day of the meal.
  6. Look for ingredients that are used in more than one dish and prep those together to save time.
  7. Now get others involved to help you and delegate out the prep to them from your prep sheet.
  8. Once all the prep has been done, sit down and write out a time line of what needs to be cooked, based on the oven space you have and the time needed to cook each part of your meal.
  9. Finally, have fun with your family and friends, because you have been organized and now have planned everything to allow you to enjoy the mealtime and eliminated most of the stress that comes with cooking for the holidays!

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