Family Table by Robert Irvine

Robert Irvine isn’t a typical chef, so it stands to reason that his fourth cookbook is anything but typical. The man who became famous for cooking his way out of impossible challenges and turning around failing restaurants has taken aim at redefining family dinner. Family Table by Robert Irvine brings together more than 70 of Robert’s all-time favorite family-style recipes. With these delicious and easy-to-make meals come Robert’s reflections on how to create strong family bonds by coming together in the kitchen and at the dinner table.

“We live in an age where distractions  are all around us. This book is my urgent call to refocus everyone on what’s right in front of us, what’s really most important, which is family,” Robert says. “In my experience, the key to a healthy, strong family life leads through the kitchen.” 

In between recipes, Robert offers his tried-and-true advice to limit screen time, get kids interested in healthy nutrition, and put great meals on the table—all while forging stronger family bonds. 

At nearly 200 pages, Family Table By Robert Irvine is packed from cover to cover with Robert’s best tips and advice, and is illustrated with gorgeous color photography. 

A portion of proceeds from the sale of Family Table by Robert Irvine benefit the Robert Irvine Foundation.


The fitness industry has never seen anyone like Robert Irvine, who has the credibility of not only being astoundingly fit, but the reputation of a world-class chef who would never settle for the bland grilled-chicken-and-broccoli diet that you’d assume would be necessary to maintain his considerable physique. He loves to eat well, doesn’t make any compromises, and doesn’t want you to, either.

A portion of proceeds from the sale of Family Table by Robert Irvine benefit the Robert Irvine Foundation.


Chef Robert shows that by establishing a few simple organizational, shopping, and storage habits, home cooks can not only get the most out of fresh foods and spices but elevate their everyday meals to a higher level of accomplishment and enjoyment.

Mission: Cook

Robert Irvine has led a one–of–a–kind life. He joined the merchant marine as a teenager, and would go on to become a cook in the Royal Navy. Since then, Chef Robert has gone on to cook for presidents, prime ministers, royalty and celebrities.

Trained by the best chefs, Robert also shares his cooking philosophy, his best recipes and tips on how to add that special twist to any dish.