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How TAPS became one of the country’s most essential military service organizations, and how Robert helps further their mission.


We consult experts to show you how create a space that is both functional and inspirational.

TIM WILKINS The multi-hyphenate standup comedian, Marine, and TV presenter on why it’s crucial to choose difficult goals throughout life.

summer shred

Team MLP trainer Jay Johnson and Robert’s new trainer Steve Wrona are back with advice for dropping fat and keeping it off.



The NASCAR Series Champion perfectly exemplifies our nothing-is-impossible mantra.

Restaurant: impossible

The latest batch of recipes from the new season of R:I will have your mouth watering—and your whole family asking for seconds.

J-L Cauvin

The stand-up comedian and viral impressionist talks weight loss, success, and comedians getting serious.

steve cotter

The kettlebell training guru makes his RI Mag debut with a devilishly effective routine you can do right from your home.

winter 2022

hell or high seas

Two men went to the ends of the Earth to raise awareness about PTSD — and cameras captured every moment of their death-defying journey.

Dinner: impossible

From mouth-watering fried chicken sandwiches to outrageously inventive cocktails, we’ve got the best of the best recipes from the latest season of Dinner: Impossible


The star of TNT’s Claws opens up about dealing with an eating disorder and becoming a champion of body positivity.


The veteran TV writer (Futurama, Skylanders Academy) talks about patience, perseverance, and finding a creative process that works for you.

Summer 2021


The country music superstar’s unconventional path to the top.

the globe

Robert dishes on what separates his new show from the rest of the culinary competition pack.

mike macrae

How the viral impressionist grabbed our attention—and kept it.

duffy gaver

The Navy SEAL training Hollywood’s biggest names wants to get you into shape without buying a bunch of stuff you don’t need.


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