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Reaching out to Robert for Help

Hello Robert,

I would love for you to help me to lose some weight. I have been overweight my entire life and I really need a positive change. I believe you are the best person I can count on. I currently weigh 349 pounds. I’m 25 years old and a single mother. I just ended a six year relationship in November with the father of my daughter. I was the victim of domestic violence and had to choose between the father of my daughter or my daughter. I chose my daughter, who is my world, my everything.

I have gained 70 pounds in the past six months and I fear I am just going to end up putting on more and more weight. I want to be able to take my daughter to the park, run around with her without getting overwhelmed and having to stop to catch my breath every five seconds. I want to be able to take my daughter to the fair and not be afraid that I won’t fit on the rides.

I want to go to school to be someone my daughter will be proud of. For that I would need my full attention on my class assignments and not be afraid of not fitting in the desks.
My biggest fear of all is that I don’t want my daughter to pick up my bad eating habits. I dont want her to be obese and I absolutely dont want her to go through the bullying I had to experience growing up. This world can be really cruel, especially when you don’t meet society’s standards.

Please, Robert, give me some advice. Anything is appreciated. God bless you and your family and staff.

Samantha K.


Dear Samantha,

I am very sorry to hear about the hard times you find yourself in right now. When you’re in a tough spot and fighting all alone, I know that it can feel hopeless. I assure you it is not.
The circumstances you describe are tough ones. But did you realize that you wrote the solution to your own problem right at the top of your e-mail? When you faced bad circumstances last year in an abusive relationship, what did you do? You created new circumstances. You left. You went out on your own. You excised the cancer from your life and struck out in search of a brighter tomorrow with your child.

In the meantime, it sounds like stress and some poor choices have piled up and you’ve gained weight.

It is once again time for you to do what all strong women do, what all strong people do, when they face bad circumstances. They create new circumstances. But before you can start to think one iota about diet or exercise, you must change your mindset. You must believe it is possible to reach a healthy weight, to feel good in your clothes, to be confident, to be a positive role model for your daughter in every sense. Imagine yourself as you want yourself to be, surround yourself with people who support that vision, and then relentlessly chase that vision of yourself.

You can do this, Samantha. To my eyes, you already did the hard part. A lot of people will stay in a bad relationship out of fear of the unknown. So right off the bat, you are stronger than most people. Now finish the job and take control of your health. My beginner training plan is attached. (Editor’s Note: It is the beginner’s program prescribed in Robert’s book Fit Fuel.)

Please refer to this to get started, then after a few weeks, up the ante and continue to push yourself. Some suggestions for how to do this are included in the text. My free digital magazine also has workouts and healthy recipes every month. Download the May issue TODAY (there are a few great juice recipes in there that I think you’ll love.) Beyond that, it is probably a good idea to seek the advice of a nutritionist or dietician and personal trainer to get the dedicated, personalized attention you require.

Fitness and health are not end goals, but a way of life. Say hello to your new life, Samantha. I am rooting for you every step of the way.

Yours in health,

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