Author Spotlight: Gordana Biernat

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Gordana’s new book brings you a little bit closer to the truth—and to your self.


We interviewed author, social media sensation, and Oprah Super Soul 100 Teacher Gordana Biernat back in our May issue. (You can read that interview HERE.) In attempting to categorize Gordana and her writings, one invariably stumbles and falls; so it goes when someone so boldly defies convention. For lack of a better term, you could call her a “new age” thinker and teacher, someone who shares boundless positivity and an empowering message through her social media channels. We teased the release of her new book #KnowTheTruth at the end of our May interview, and now that it’s out, we’re happy to say that it didn’t disappoint. Read our review below, then turn the page for an excerpt that Gordana agreed to share with Robert Irvine Magazine readers.

In #KnowTheTruth, Gordana Biernat writes with power and clarity and succeeds brilliantly where so many other self-help books come up short. She doesn’t just preach a gospel of vague positivity; she provides clear instructions on how to interpret myriad negative experiences that are universal to us all. Moreover, she lays out the playbook for how to redirect the energy of those negative experiences into positive forces that you can use to get what you’ve always wanted.

One of the great empowering beliefs espoused in this book is the concept that whatever is standing in the way of your joy and fulfillment are obstacles inside your own head—and you put them there, or at least allowed them in. By accepting responsibility as the ultimate creator of your reality, you immediately gain the power to move down a new path. In #KnowTheTruth, you’ll learn that all thoughts are creative forces, and Gordana will show you how to populate your mind with thoughts that produce joy.

Perhaps best of all, Gordana encourages daydreaming, especially when you find yourself in a situation you want to remove yourself from. In the West, we’ve been taught that daydreaming is wasteful and takes us away from productive tasks (in a capitalist society, of course this is so). In this wonderful collection of profound ideas, Gordana opens the door to a new realm where daydreaming is not only the opposite of what you’ve been taught, it’s the key to everything you want.

And all of this still says nothing of the book’s short-term therapeutic value; reading it has a calming effect better than any stiff drink you might reach for at the end of a long day. Though the writing is simple and direct, the concepts are deep enough to invite repeat readings. After you’ve finished, you’ll find yourself pulling it off the shelf to open it up to a random page and stumbling upon the very thing you need to hear at that moment in time.

If you have any life in you, then you have a big dream. #KnowTheTruth can help make that dream a reality. Setting long-term goals and dreams aside, it can bring you peace in the here and now. We can’t recommend it highly enough.

Know The Truth


Editor’s Note: #KnowTheTruth is divided into 231 “truth thoughts” that can be read in sequence or not. What follows is truth thought #61.


Success is not a question of how much power or money you have acquired. It is a question of how satisfied you are with WHO YOU ARE.

Do you love your self? Do you love your life? Do you love what you do?

Because, you see, there is joy in abundance. Love is everywhere. Happiness is for free. When you do what you love, abundance always finds a way to find you. Love — in all its shapes, colours, and forms — has a magical ability to transcend time and space by opening a ‘gate’ that connects us to eternity.

Time seems to stop, or at least slow down, in the flow of love and joy. It flies by when we are absorbed in doing something we love, and in that moment we experience agelessness. When one hour feels like five minutes, you have aged five minutes while the rest of the world has aged one hour.

Think about that.

People who love what they do and do what they love look healthy, emanate ‘good vibes’ and continue to inspire others, even at an old age.

Success, then, is more a question of how much ‘time’ you choose to spend in eternity by doing what you love. The meaning of success cannot be generalized, because it requires you to know who YOU are. When you choose to do what you love, you express your uniqueness and that, in the end, is why you are here now.

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