Saturday, October 10, 2015
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Fitness Q&A #1

Fitness Q&A #1

As you all probably know, fitness and healthy eating is a very important aspect of my life. A few weeks ago on facebook I asked if you had any questions for me about my own personal fitness regime and diet. You responded with enough questions to dedicate an entire series of videos (more on THAT later), but here’s a video with just few answers to some of the ones I thought were the best.



  1. I’m such a big fan !! No joke. I would kill to meet you! I watch all the shows you are on. I absolutely love restaurant impossible and I want you to come to Phoenix az!:)

  2. I like what you share about food and fitness ..thank you

  3. In the video you mention lowering the amount sodium you eat. Yet so many Foodnet shows talk about cooking with salt to enhance flavor. Is there a spice that can replace salt?

  4. Hi Robert
    I am a small business caterer in Washington DC and have come upon this beautifully located deserted restaurant that I am interested in leasing. it needs you and your magical staff to help me create an
    inviting and warm atmosphere. Former owner left with no notice – had an old run-down atmosphere with ungodly colors.

    This is a dream of mine – watch you all the time – NEED YOU TO COME TO DC AREA ASAP


  5. hey Robert my name is Mary Frances Chapman i am in 11th grade and live in the city of Milton fl i go to Milton High School and watch your show everyday all of them i have it all recorded on my TV you are my ideal and you are also on my bucket list if i ever die. my dream is to be as good as you.

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