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Redefining Airline Food

 JetSmarter recently partnered with Chef Gregory Schesser, formerly of The French Laundry, and Robert Irvine, celebrity chef, restaurateur, and Food Network personality, to create fine dining experiences in-flight for members traveling from New York.


Now when members book flights from NYC, they can choose from three handcrafted meal selections – a gamechanger for in-flight dining.


Menu items may be ordered as little as 30 hours before take-off, because each meal is made fresh to order in the Manhattan kitchen of Great Performances, the catering choice for NYC foodies and private residences. Many of the ingredients are handpicked at Katchkie Farm, which grows for GP in upstate New York, so the menu changes frequently to incorporate as many fresh, local ingredients as possible.


“Most meals served on airlines aren’t very good,” said Chef Irvine. “On top of not being palatable, they often have high sodium and are lacking nutrients. With all the stress of travel, I think it’s important to eat well. I’m passionate about making food that’s healthy and delicious. Through this partnership, we’re able to bring both of those qualities to JetSmarter members.”


Now that’s a far cry from the preservative-packed, frozen foodstuff you’ll get from the big airlines.


Each meal costs $150 and is prepared in-flight by our flight attendants, and then delivered to members at optimal temperature and unprecedented freshness shortly after take-off.


“I’m on the road 340 days out of the year,” Irvine said. “So naturally, I’m excited about this new partnership with JetSmarter because we share the same views about the culture of air travel and never compromising the quality of a meal, whether on the ground or in the air.”

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