MIXOLOGY: The Shamrock Shake-Up

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An elevated St. Patrick’s Day cocktail—because anyone can put green food coloring in a pitcher of beer. 

BY JAMES CLELAND, Mixologist for Boardroom Spirits

At Boardroom Spirits, our philosophy is simple. We precision-craft the highest quality spirits using real ingredients with zero shortcuts. This means no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, juices, extracts, oils, or concentrates. 

When I make cocktails, I adhere to the same philosophy. Use high quality spirits, real ingredients (fresh juices and home-made syrups), and classic technique to create an elevated and memorable cocktail experience. 

For St. Paddy’s Day, I present the Shamrock Shake Up. I personally love the traditional whiskey sour; The egg white adds a smooth, velvety texture. To elevate this classic for the holiday, I’ve added a few twists, most notably crème de menthe and a sprig of mint, which acts as the sugar component. 

The richness of the wood from an Irish whiskey can give a warm backbone to the freshness of the mint in this cocktail. If you plan to use another type of whiskey, I suggest avoiding something peaty (like an Islay Scotch) or spicy (like a Rye). Also, instead of a store-bought sour mix—which would cause the drink to be overly sweet and bland—I recommend fresh squeezed lemon juice to create a brighter cocktail.

If you are wary of raw egg in your drinks or are making cocktails for a vegan friend, then consider aquafaba (a fancy word for chickpea water) to add a similar, silky texture to the cocktail. Simply strain off the liquid of a chickpea can, making sure to use a tight mesh strainer to catch any particulates. A large egg is generally ¾ oz. of egg white but aquafaba doesn’t have the same amount of proteins, so you generally need to increase the amount used to 1 oz. to get a similar effect.




2 oz Tyrconnel Single Malt (try Power’s Irish Whiskey if you’re making for a large group, or Redbreast 12 year if you want to treat yourself)

1 oz crème de menthe

¾ oz fresh squeezed lemon juice

1 egg white (or aquafaba)

club soda

1 sprig mint, to garnish


Combine whiskey, crème de menthe, lemon juice and egg white in a cocktail shaker tin and shake vigorously without ice. Add ice after fully incorporated and frothy, then shake again to chill and dilute the drink. Double strain into a Collins glass filled with ice and top with club soda. Garnish with a mint sprig and enjoy!

James Cleland is a mixologist “responsible for customer delight” at the Boardroom Spirits distillery in Lansdale, PA. Boardroom Spirits is devoted to making high-quality hand-crafted spirits in a sustainable manner. To learn more, click HERE