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Kitchen Gear: Perfect Form & Function

These gear picks are practical and beautiful.

Solar Cooker


Cook outside without charcoal, gas, or electricity with this solar cooker from GoSun. A stainless steel panel captures sunlight and redirects it to the vacuum tube which traps heat and cooks food at temperatures up to 600 degrees. The GoSun can even cook in cold weather and in overcast conditions, making it ideal for long hikes. Curiosity piqued yet? Check out the video demonstration in the link below.
$279, sharperimage.com

Rice Cooker


This rice cooker is modeled after the pots used in China’s Yunnan province. The stoneware is highlighted by a speckled glaze and carved details by designer Todd Johnson. And it’s as simple to use as it is elegant; just place the pot over a heated saucepan of water. As the water boils, steam funnels through the spout in the center of the cooker and recirculates under the lid, cooking your rice to the perfect texture and consistency. Handmade.
$98, uncommongoods.com

Tea Chest


You could leave your teabags in the box they came in, of course. Or you could add some homespun flair to your kitchen with this custom engraved tea chest. Dinner guests will be impressed when you take this out after dinner; the fine woodwork on the outside hides eight compartments where you can keep tea varieties neatly organized.
$40, etsy.com

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