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Take one look at a boxer’s training camp and it’s no mystery why they’re among the fittest athletes in the world. Luckily, you don’t need to take a punch to train (and look) like one.

Founder: EverybodyFights

TRAIN Circuit Intro:
Our class series is modeled after a real boxer’s training camp, and focused on building the strength, explosiveness, and muscular endurance required for a 12-round fight. TRAIN, specifically, is an interval-based circuit class incorporating strength, cardio, and boxing component. In addition to a training regime more focused on quality movement over time than reps, boxers must have strong legs as well as a well-conditioned core. This workout combines all the main elements of a well-balanced boxers workout and can be done anywhere with no equipment necessary.

● 12 Rounds
● Round Length: 2:30sec.
● Interval Structure: 30 Seconds on 10 Seconds off
● Rest Between Rounds: 60 Seconds Beginner 30 Seconds Advanced.

Begin by doing some light static stretching and jumping jacks. Then get into a down Dog position and press your heels towards the ground to open up your posterior chain. From there move into the Up Dog position to loosen up your anterior chain. Then hold your updog position, pull your chin up, push your heels backward and slowly rotate your hips left and right looking up as you do to open up your rotational chain. Hold each position for 5-7 seconds and repeat this sequence 5 times.

JAB: Fist begins directly in front of the lead shoulder with elbow tucked. Extend arm as though you’re shaking someone’s hand, and twist elbow while turning palm downward at the last second upon impact.
RIGHT CROSS: Start in your boxing stance with fists tight. Rotate right hip forward, spin rear foot until heel comes off of the ground, and extend your right arm, rotating your palm toward the ground upon impact. Snatch the punch back to starting position faster than you throw it.

Lay flat on the ground with legs and arms fully stretched out, tuck in your belly button and lift your shoulders and head off the ground. Tuck your chin. Raise both feet 6-8 inches from the ground and point your toes. Then quickly flutter your feet up & down about 4-6 inches.

LEFT HOOK: Begin by rotating your right hip forward as though you’re throwing a straight right cross (or after throwing an actual right cross). Then, pull your right hip back as you drive your right heel into the ground as you give a slight pivot with your left foot. As you do so, turn your palm to the side as if holding a mug as you swing your left fist about 3 inches in front of your nose Snatch your left hand back into position (elbow back to hip).

ROUND 4: HIGH KNEES SPRINTERS: Stand straight up with your core engaged, draw one knee up just above your hip line,then switch explosively as fast or as slow as you feel appropriate. Maintain good posture in an upright position, focus your foot strikes on the balls of your feet, and chop your hands through the air as though you are sprinting up a hill.

ROUND 5: HIGH PLANK SHOULDER TAPS: Start in a high plank on your hands, shoulders over wrists, hips level and core and glutes engaged, back flat. Tap your right shoulder with your left hand without twisting or rotating out of your plank position. Hold for 2 counts and then return to the starting position, always maintaining your strong plank position. Tap your left shoulder with your right hand, hold for 2 Seconds, and then return to plank. Repeat on the left side. The goal is to maintain perfect alignment in your core/spine the entire time and minimize twisting, shifting and rocking in the hips and shoulders

GLUTE BRIDGE: Start on your back, knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Engage your glutes, drive your heels in and lift your hips up until your knees, hips and shoulders all create a straight line. At this position, your shins should be at around 90 degrees to the ground. Keeping your thighs parallel to each other, and your hips diagonal to the floor, fully extend your right foot. Hold for 2 seconds and return to your right heel to the floor. Extend your left foot fully, hold for a 2 count, and return to the starting position. The goal is to maintain fully extended hips using your strong glutes and to resisting rotating of the hips. Try to keep the thighs parallel to each other at all times. Keep the hips from dipping or twisting.

Right Uppercut: Keep knees bent while rotating your rear hip forward and pivoting your right foot. The uppercut is delivered in a slight upward motion while twisting your palm so it is facing up upon impact. Snatch your elbow and hand back into position once punch is completed.

Start with your feet close together. Keep your shoulders stacked above your hips at all times. Kick your right leg back and descend into a lunge position. Reach back far enough so that your left knee is directly above your left heel to keep the load of the exercise out of your knee joint (knee behind the tongue of your shoe). From this position, keep your right foot planted and pulse all the way up and down bringing you right knee 1 inch from the floor.

RIght Uppercut to Left Uppercut : After throwing your right uppercut, thrust your left hand and hip forward with your left palm facing the up.

ROUND 10: PLANK JACKS: From a high plank position, keeping your core engaged and hips level, hop your feet out to the sides and then back in to center.

Squat Pulse: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hinge at your hips and lower the hips towards your heels and only bend your knees as necessary. Once your hips are at knee level, hold this position and pulse up and down 2 inches.
Plyo Squat: Hinge and lower your hips just as you did with the squat pulse while reaching your hands out above your shoulders. Once your hips are 2 inches below your knees, explosively stand up and jump, fully extending your hips. Land softly on your way down and raise your hands back up above shoulder level to reduce the impact on joints. Start first by jumping high enough for your heels to raise off the floor 3 inches. Increase intensity at your discretion.

Start in the High Plank position, hands and toes on the floor. Pike your hips up and jump your legs in towards the outside of your hands so that you are in a squat with your hands on the floor, with your knees bent, butt back, and back flat. Drive through your heels and squeeze your butt to stand completely up out of this squat until the hips are directly under the shoulders. Unlock your glutes, push your butt back, and drop into a squat, keeping your back flat. Your hands should go to the floor and you jump your feet back into that perfect plank position, being careful not to over extend and let your hips sink or back dip. That is one rep.

The namesake son of the legendary heavyweight champ, George Foreman III was raised in the sport and also fought professionally, retiring with a perfect 16-0 record. He has since founded EverybodyFights, a chain of gyms that use boxing conditioning as their fitness philosophy. EverybodyFights currently has six locations: two in Boston; and one each in NYC; Lexington, KY; Philadelphia; and Chicago. You can get a taste of that training by following the workout below. Learn more at EverybodyFights.com

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