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Restaurant: Impossible Fitness Game

You LOVE Restaurant: Impossible! You LOVE fitness (at least I hope you do)!! We’ve combined the two to create the Restaurant: Impossible Fitness Game!!

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Pregame deliciously with a Fit Crunch Bar!
  2. Watch Restaurant: Impossible (like you always do)
  3. Keep and eye out for certain thing take place (owner cries, I yell, sledgehammer appears, etc…)
  4. Do the exercise paired  with the action

This is a fun an interactive way to watch the show!! Post pics/video of you doing the exercises to my facebook (@chef robert irvine), twitter (@robertirvine), or instagram (@chefirvine) and use the #teamirvine. We will randomly select participants every week to win autographed gear and Fit Crunch bars!!

Click here to download the game card.


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