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Grocery-Getter Workout

Sometimes it can be very challenging to fit a workout into your schedule because there is not enough time in the day. Other events take priority, and that can be understandable. However, there is no excuse to skip the exercise when you can combine a workout with your daily activity. Specifically, one task capable of doubling over as strength and conditioning is the inevitable weekly trip to the grocery store.

It may sound silly at first, but you can turn that generic trip to the local grocer into a calorie crushing workout that will have you breaking a sweat before you are finished putting your eggs and cheese into the fridge.

Here’s how to do it:

When you get home, instead of asking the kids to come help you put away the groceries, allow some extra time so that you can transport all the purchased items yourself. For starters, you should take the long way to the kitchen to unload those bags. Whether it be parking farther away from your home or taking a full lap around the house with your bags, push your legs to be moving more.

As we all know, groceries can be pretty heavy, especially gallons of milk, water, or any other liquid, which weigh in around eight pounds each. If you are able, grab a gallon with each hand and while walking inside, simply start doing reps and arm curls, working your biceps and triceps.

While unloading the rest of your groceries, alternate between doing lunges, squats and upper body twists. You may even want to throw in a wall sit or two between trips to the car. Your quads will be burning in no time, especially if you pair the wall sits with a bag of canned goods.

While doing the workout, remember to always know your limit; do not push yourself past you limit, as this may cause injury to both you and your groceries. In opposition, challenge yourself. Do not grab the bag of paper towels to do the squats; go for the watermelon. Self-discipline will make this workout the most beneficial to your health.

If you are concerned about getting weird looks from your neighbors while you lunge around your backyard with a sack of potatoes (literally), just know that the whole neighborhood will be doing the same workout once they see how toned you become from benching that gallon of orange juice.

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