New Restaurant Impossible Trivia Rules

In Team Irvine News by Robert Irvine


RI Trivia – 3/30

For the past number of years we have played live twitter trivia, giving viewers the opportunity to follow the show and answer questions for a chance to win a prize. Whoever answered first and used the appropriate hashtag would win. Unfortunately for folks on the west coast or those with slow internet were at a disadvantage (or couldn’t participate at all). So we have developed a new format that doesn’t require fast internet and doesn’t matter which time zone you live in.

Here’s how it works:

1. Use the link that is provided on Twitter or Facebook prior to the show.
2. Answer the questions or perform the activities while you watch the show.
3. Each activity earns you entries into the contest. (For example, answering a question is worth 1 entry, while tweeting with a # Hashtag may be worth 5 entries)
4. At the close of the contest, all of the entries are calculated and winners will be drawn at random. The more entries you have, the better chance of winning!
5. We will contact winners directly on how to claim your prize.

Hopefully you like this new format, which will level the playing field for everyone, give people who are watching the show on DVR a chance to participate, and free us up to talk more about the show while its on instead of answering trivia!