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OUTSIDE THE BOX: Product Picks That You Won’t Find Just Anywhere


This isn’t the kind of beef jerky you see in grocery and convenience stores. Uncle Andy’s is small-batch craft jerky with exotic flavors. The pieces are tender and flavorful, and thanks to the personal attention that goes into each batch, you won’t bite into anything that coule be confused with shoe leather. A few years ago, Uncle Andy’s turned heads with flavors like spicy coffee, mushroom blue cheese, and maple bourbon. Now, Uncle Andy’s is relaunching and expanding. New products include Ginger Habanero Turkey, Sweet Cider Pork, Honey Balsamic Beef, Apricot Sour Rosemary Pork, and more. Even elk jerky is in the works. Click HERE to buy and take part in their new Kickstarter, which will entitle you to discounts and all sorts of other goodies.



Most energy drinks will leave you bloated, over-caffeinated, and floating on a short-lived sugar high right before you plummet back to Earth. Now you can forget all that. The Go Pill combines quality-sourced taurine for maximal oxygen uptake, taurine to metabolize fat, pyruvic acid to reduce fatigue, and beta-alanine for muscle strength. Also includes efficacious doses of electrolytes, ginko leaf extract, caffeine anhydrous, and creatine magnapower, which is creatine bonded to magnesium rather than water for better absorption in the body. After you experience the steady increase of energy and mental focus you’ll want to have it handy for every test of athletic and mental strength.

Learn more and purchase at TheGoLife.com

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