Getting Fit with Fit Fuel

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One fan reaches out to say that Robert’s fitness and cookbook hybrid changed his life.

Dear RI Mag,

I started a year ago on your book Fit Fuel and have lost 81 pounds. I am a chef and president of multiple brands. I am also a two-time cancer survivor. After my second cancer six years ago, I went for a well visit and my blood pressure was through the roof. My oncologist said, “You need to make a change. You beat cancer twice, but you are not immortal.”

Being in the food industry is tough. Creating menus, always traveling, always tasting to ensure everything is perfect… it’s not easy to stay healthy. That’s one of the reasons I have always looked up to Chef Robert, but reading his book and feeling his passion took me to the next level. After reading the book I began to diet and not lose focus. From a chef’s perspective, it just made sense to me. It all came together without any stress. Thank you to Robert! He has really changed my life—and saved it, too!

Joseph R. Guli III
President, Grillsmith Restaurants


Dear Joseph,

I am thrilled that Fit Fuel worked so well for you! Having read the book, you know that your story has a lot of parallels to my own. The food industry is indeed a tough place to stay fit. I traveled the world, ate a lot of great food, and had high blood pressure and cholesterol as a result. I offered myself as living proof that the concepts in Fit Fuel really work. To hear that a fellow chef was able to reverse his fortunes with the book brings a very big smile to my face. Congratulations! Stay focused and stay healthy!


You can purchase Fit Fuel: A Chef’s Guide to Eating Well, Getting Fit, and Living Your Best Life HERE.