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Embracing Summer, And Your Body

Did you fulfill your New Year’s Resolution and get in the shape of your life by summertime? No? Now’s not the time to beat yourself up. It’s time to have all the fun that you deserve.


Get your beach body now!
Abs in time for summer!
Beach booty boot camp!

We see the slogans everywhere, spit out by aggressive fitness industry marketers like auctioneers and old-timey salesmen. We know in our heads not to buy into it—that health and fitness are lifelong pursuits, not something that can be bought in a supplement store or with a new fitness app—yet some part of us still manages to fall for it. Even if we don’t buy the product, we buy the idea that in the summertime, we should look a certain way. We buy the idea that we can’t really enjoy all that summer has to offer if we aren’t ready for a shirtless or bikini-clad photoshoot.

You already know that I want you to get into the shape of your life. So you already know I’m not saying that you should give up. What I am saying is that if you missed your summer deadline this year, no matter how much weight you still have to lose, you shouldn’t feel self-conscious heading to the beach or to a pool. Guys, take your shirts off. Ladies, wear whatever kind of bathing suit you want. No one’s judgment matters but your own. As a human being living on Planet Earth it is your birthright to get out and enjoy sun!

The bright light of summertime does something to all of us. It makes us all feel more alive and makes us want to get out and do more with ourselves. Indeed, our bodies are like batteries, soaking up vitamin D from the sun and storing it for when we need it. Mother Nature wants us to get our butts out there.

So don’t you dare hesitate for a second to enjoy the summer without fear and without being self-conscious. Take a look in the mirror and appreciate what you have. Don’t waste time wishing for something else. Be grateful. Life is far too short to spend time regretting what you didn’t do over the winter. You’ll enjoy the summer a whole lot more this way—and the gratitude and positive vibes you generate will carry over into your fitness goals. You can make your body achieve incredible things when you put your mind to it. Just don’t fall into the trap of thinking you need to be in peak condition before you can start really enjoying life.

In my experience, respect and appreciation for your body aren’t the end result of a fitness program. But if you can learn to respect and appreciate your body now, it will yield better health and fitness results in the long run.

Yours in health,


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