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2 Exercises, 20 Minutes, All-Day Fat-Burning

Bust through boredom and incinerate fat with this intense and highly effective training session. 

DIRECTIONS: After a general warmup, set a timer to 20 minutes. (If you have an interval timer, use it to notify you every sixty seconds.) When you start the timer, perform one rep each of a dumbbell squat-to-press, followed by a burpee. When the timer reaches one minute, perform two reps of each exercise. At the next minute, do three reps of each, and so on until you reach 11 reps. Once you reach 11 reps, reduce your workload by one rep in each minute until you return to one rep. 

A workout like this will jolt you into the present moment and sharpen your focus; you’ll become obsessed with the clock and, as the reps start to climb, making the most of the few moments you have to catch your breath. No need to make rules about not checking your phone in the gym; you straight-up won’t be able to. 

When you’re done, be sure to cool down for at least 5 to 10 minutes on a cardio machine of your choice. And be sure to give yourself a pat on the back. This one’s not easy.



DUMBBELL SQUAT-TO-PRESS: Hold a pair of dumbbells at your shoulders with your palms facing out. Squat low to the ground, keeping your weight over your heels. Once the top of your thighs are parallel to the ground, stand back up and press the weights over your head as your rise. That’s one rep. 


BURPEE: From a standing position, drop to the ground, facedown. Push yourself up so that you’re in the top of a pushup position. Kick your feet up to gather them under your upper body; you’ll now be in a squatting position. From here, reach your hands up and jump. Don’t stop at each step; this should all be one quick, fluid motion. 

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