New Year, New You

In Lifestyle & Fitness by Robert Irvine

A new, fresh year calls for a fresh start and the best way to get a fresh start is with fresh ingredients. I’m always asked, “How would you make over my kitchen?” And, without visiting your kitchen, the first advice I always give is to swap some common everyday ingredients in your kitchen with fresher, healthier ingredients. Here are a few simple ingredient swaps that are great! Have fun, eat healthy and don’t forget to exercise!

From                      To

Salt                                                       Fresh Lemon Juice and Vinegars
Butter                                                  Grapeseed or Olive Oil
Creamy Dressings                             Vinaigrettes
Ground Beef                                       Ground Turkey
Regular Pasta                                     Quinoa Pasta/Gluten Free Pasta
White Rice                                           Farro/Quinoa/Wild Rice
Spice Mixes with Sodium                 Fresh Herbs
Candy Bars                                          My “New” Fit Crunch Bars (click here)
Chips and Dip                                     Quinoa Tabouleh and Toasted Whole Wheat Pita (recipe here)