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Live Healthy by Staying Heart Healthy

A guest blog by Eric the Trainer (aka: Eric Fleishman)

Let’s Take It Outside!

A good cardio workout can strengthen your heart and help shrink your waistline, too.  After all, that little ticker in your chest needs regular stimulation – both physically and romantically – to run at optimal levels.  So instead of turning on the tv after dinner, invite your loved one for an early evening stroll around the neighborhood.  The movement will aid in digestion, create a sustained cardio experience for heart health, and provide an excellent opportunity to share some personal time together.   Remember, the couple that walks together and talks together, remain together healthy and happy.  And that’s the best Valentine’s Day wish anyone could ask for….

Healthy Tips for Kissing Lips

1) Stay hydrated by drinking 8-12 glasses of water per day.  It will help your body and skin look young.
2) Try for 7-8 hours of sleep per night, trying to be asleep before 11pm.  Your brain function will be higher on a good night’s sleep, and you’ll tend to eat less sugary foods when well rested.
3) Take the stairs rather than the escalator.  The movement helps create increased circulation in the lower body and combats muscle fatigue and blood clots.
4) Fill your plate with protein and vegetables at mealtime.  By skipping the starchy carbohydrates (bread, pasta, cereal, rice, potato) you’ll be taking in better nutrients and helping your waistline stay small, too.
5) Stay active, exercising each day.  Feel free to try weight lifting, spinning, yoga, or even power walking.  By moving your body each day, you’ll always have your good looks and good health in your life.
About the author:

Better known as “Eric the Trainer”, Eric began his fitness career as a 98lb weakling kid living in rural Maine, taunted, teased and stuffed into awkward spaces. To reverse this, Eric enrolled in martial arts and in high school started spending time in the gym. After graduation Eric became a certified personal trainer. Eric’s gender-specific programs became well known as the Sleeping Beauty and Sleeping Giant and were based on three components: diet, exercise and sleep. In 1996 Eric moved to LA to continue to learn from some of the best personal trainers and eventually evolved his methods and has become one of the most requested trainers in Hollywood. Learn more at


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