Healthy Opportunities

In Lifestyle & Fitness by Robert Irvine

Living a healthier lifestyle is not as hard as you think.  You can make these 5 slight changes in your daily habits that will help you improve your health.

1. Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs

  • Elevators are convenient and quick, but taking the stairs will give your legs a quick workout that can be easily incorporated into your daily schedule.   Plus, you won’t have to deal with that awkward elevator ride with your boss.

2. Instead of parking in the nearest space to your destination, park farther away

  • It won’t hurt you to walk an extra block or two.  The more steps you can get in a day, the better!  You’ll also probably make someone else’s day by giving them the close spot.

3. Instead of drinking soda, drink water

  • It is incredible how much sugar and caffeine is in soda and other sweet drinks.  Try to cut back on the Coke, and pour yourself a glass of water.  Not only will it keep you hydrated, but it will also cut your calorie intake.

4. Instead of eating out, eat in

  • It is hard to keep track of what you are putting in your body when you head out to your favorite restaurant.  Because of the large portion sizes usually served, people tend to overeat.  Try to cook a meal in for date night occasionally.  It will also save you some money!

5. Instead of buying processed foods, buy fresh foods

  • Processed foods can be quick, easy, and cheap, but it is worth the extra time and money to buy your fruits and vegetables fresh.  Not only do they taste better, they have fewer preservatives, which is healthier for you.  Treat your body right by feeding yourself better quality food.