Thursday, March 26, 2015
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100th Episode Celebration

100th Episode Celebration

Restaurant Impossible is celebrating its 100th episode on Wednesday, May 7th and we will be celebrating with a VERY SPECIAL twitter trivia contest with some very special prizes!! However, unlike past twitter trivia contests, this version is aimed to find out who are the BIGGEST Restaurant: Impossible fans.

The episode will feature clips from past episodes and a special look back. The twitter trivia questions will require YOU to also take a look back and remember things that happened on the ACTUAL episode. The rules are still the same (click here for the rules), but the prizes will be 10 TIMES BETTER including: autographed chefs coats, cookbooks, aprons, knives, and FIT Crunch bars.

So tune in tonight at 10pm ET on the Food Network and join me to celebrate 100 episodes of Restaurant: Impossible!

FYI!!! If you’ve won in the past, you can play again!!!



  1. Will you open it up to past winners?? Those are the biggest fans!!

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