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Mr. Olympia Weekend – Fit Crunch

Mr. Olympia Weekend – Fit Crunch

More than 35,000 bodybuilding and fitness fans packed the Las Vegas convention center for the 2013 Olympia Fitness and Performance Expo on September 27 and 28. We could not have picked a better event to launch our Fit Crunchβ„’ baked bars. Our goal was simple, host a Thursday night launch party at one of the hottest bars in Vegas and then spend the following two days making people believe that eating a protein bar can be enjoyable. Impossible? Not when Robert Irvine is the chef behind Fit Crunch bars. We kicked the weekend off at the famous Chandelier bar at the Cosmopolitan with a menu cooked-up by Robert and made complete with a Fit Crunch inspired dessert. On Friday and Saturday we took to the show floor handing out samples and changing the protein bar experience for thousands of bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. What happened in Vegas, β€œwon’t” be staying in Vegas. Fit Crunch bars are now available at Bodybuilding.com, Amazon.com and several other retail and online retail establishments.

Check out this video from all of our Vegas fun!


  1. Hello, hello.. My husband (Jeff) is currently serving our country in Afghanistan and he and I are huge fans of your food, shows. Health, nutrition and fitness plays a big part in my soldiers life and one of the reasons why he was automatically drawn to you being a chef who is healthy and fit. I would like to ask if there is anyway that you may please do a donation of any kind to him and his soldiers, he trains hard 6 days a week and he’s been buying your crunch bars for himself and for the soldiers that train with him. You can imagine the expense on a soldiers budget, any donation would be greatly appreciated.

    APO AE 09354

    a soldiers wife

  2. Just did a video about the Cookies and Cream Crunch bar. Vlog#15 Chef Robert Ervine

    Love that bar. Best one ive ever tasted!

  3. I just want to say is I watch RI all the time andi think he is the best chef out there.. Love his shows.. We love you Robert. .. Your the best…

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